• Weak - Hydra tuned second gen Acura NSX runs 10.7@127 in the 1/4 mile

      The second generation Acura NSX is a sales flop but perhaps tuners can make it a bit more exciting. With a 3.5 liter twin turbo V6 plus three electric motors this thing should be a rocket. Well, it isn't.

      It is kind of sad how slow this car is even when tuned. The tuner did not provide a graph so who knows what they are getting out of it but considering stock NSX's hit 125 miles per hour what are they getting out of it? 20 whp?

      Going from 125 to 127 with a twin turbo 3.5 liter V6 is a joke. Not to mention, a stock 991.2 Turbo S will have its way with the NSX and it does not need any electric motors assisting to smoke it. There is no point even bringing up how badly a tuned 911 Turbo would beat it. Hell, a tuned BMW M3 with its smaller I6 can make easy work of the NSX at a fraction of the cost.

      Acura decided to make the new NSX a heavy all wheel drive hybrid so you would think it would at least impress in a straight line. It doesn't.

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        Pro: The tuning has just begun on the platform, The electric motors only work up to 124mph, so they are more low to mid range power adders, the peak power is only 500hp from the 3.5v6TT. I would hope a real tune and hybrid turbo upgrades would get it up to 600hp.

        Con: The NSX is like the BMW i8, ~$150K, worse in so many ways versus the competition... but its okay because of its look-at-me hybrid "supercar" styling, sorry that's all it is...its selling based on its styling which in my opinion (and many others who aren't buying it) is not that great.

        The 911 Turbo murders the NSX in all meaningful categories...

        911 Turbo is just as quick and fast as the NSX, however the 911 has an insane amount more modification potential, it even has tunes that carry a warranty like the Champion Motorsports GIAC tune.

        911 Turbo is more practical, 2+2 seating + frunk vs. NSX 2 seater + trunk

        911 Turbo is more efficient and environmentally friendly in mixed driving, 19/24mpg vs. NSX 21/22mpg

        911 Turbo is more reliable as well, Porsche 911 ranks #1 in the Luxury Sports Car segment by US News and World Report, and I am sure many other outlets.

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        911 Turbo is just as quick and fast as the NSX
        Oh it's quicker and faster out of the box...