• Individual turbochargers per cylinder the next big thing?

      This maybe is not as crazy or complex as it first seems. Keep in mind that moving turbos closer and closer to the motor to minimize exhaust travel distance is something manufacturers are all doing in an effort to decrease lag.

      Most people are familiar with ITB's (Individual Throttle Bodies) which BMW M was famous for employing for quick throttle response. Individual turbochargers would be a whole new ballgame but the idea is similar in that you want to get as close to instant response as possible.

      You would in essence take very small turbochargers and fit them as close as you could to the cylinder head. The complexity and cost would likely go up and the odds of a turbo failure as well but there is no reason this can not work in theory.

      On a small three-cylinder it makes sense. As cylinders are added or engine configurations change it becomes much more difficult and expensive.

      As for a performance technology imagine the headache of a turbo upgrade or changing six turbos instead of one or two.

      Also keep in mind smaller turbochargers have less rotational mass which in theory also means aiding spool.

      We will believe it when we see it but a former Ford Engineer named Jim Clarke has filed a patent for the idea:

      Former Ford engineer, Jim Clarke, has filed a patent for the installation of an individual turbocharger for each cylinder of an internal combustion engine. Yes, going by this concept, that’s one turbo per cylinder, which means a typical four-banger will get four turbochargers.

      This setup would require two throttle bodies and smaller turbos, which spool much faster. The small packaging also means that it can be installed very closely to the exhaust valves, thereby providing near instant boost. Clarke also went as far as to say that this setup could potentially eliminate turbo lag.

      According to Car and Driver, Clarke’s turbocharged engine design remains theoretical at this point, as there has not been a prototype built. During his tenure at Ford, Clarke was responsible for developing the modular V8 and Duratec V6. He also partnered with Dick Fotsch, who was the former engine divisions president of Navistar and Kohler.

      Let's see a prototype.

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        ///MPOSTER -
        There was only one company that i remember that could mount a turbo on the side ( or any angle ) for that matter. There would have to be room to fit this multi-configuration and it would have to be about as complex as the top mount V8 bmw engines with hard lines everywhere for oil and water. Or if it was using the self-contained CHRA , would require an oil/grease change at 3000 miles. This will be interesting if it comes to fruition.
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        Eleventeen -
        Jesus, he filed a patent for that? LOL Who hasn't thought about doing this? Guess I better go file a patent for my blanket with sleeves...
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        Felix11 -
        Owen Developments in the UK did this a long time ago. Coming up to 12 years ago now.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Felix11 Click here to enlarge
        Owen Developments in the UK did this a long time ago. Coming up to 12 years ago now.
        Never saw that! Thanks!
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        My speculation is that because actually each turbo sees 1/3 of the pulse range that a normal single turbo would see, its actually not a efficient way to control the exhaust gases.
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        A good application for electric turbos
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        This is nuts. Better to have an air reservoir if lag is a concern.

        All the extra parts and extra costs of individual TCs just doesn't make sense
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        Ill take this 8 turbo V8 instead Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

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